We need volunteers ¡JOIN US!

How to collaborate

We are An NGO -help us to keep going

We are a small NGO but eager to keep growing. You can also contribute and make yoga reach more people.

We have several volunteer options:

  • Choose one of our centers
  • Inform us of a new center in your city
  • Become an international volunteer

You can become a member or make a donation, any donation is welcome:

  • Money  is needed to keep growing
  • We need dissemination and publicity

Become our friendly school:

  • Monthly classes by donation
  • Sell our products and spread our message
  • Receive our Friendly School logo

There are many ways to collaborate

If you want to actively participate as a yoga teacher you can choose one of our centers or even help us find a new one. We recommend to find a place close to your home or your workplace, where you can commit a minimum of one hour a week for at least three months. We work with any group at risk of social exclusion. (refugees, prisons, women, children, disability, senior citizens, etc.).

I have a yoga studio

If you have a studio or yoga center feel free to organize an event, a solidarity talk or a class made by donation and actively collaborate with Yoga Without Borders. We will try our best to provide you all the needed material (flyers, videos, etc.) to let us know.

I have my own brand

If you have a brand or product that share the same values of Yoga Without Borders, contact us. You can be a sponsor or sponsor some of our projects.

I have my own business

The raised money will go to the NGO

I have others skills

If yoga is not your thing but you want to collaborate with a small and non-profit organization, we will surely find out how. We need dissemination, photographs, videos and ideas. ¡We need you!

Buy our products

You can buy the official products of Yoga Without Borders in our solidarity store.

If you are a friendly school , you can also ask us to send them to you to sell them among your students. Contact us!

Sudaderas de Yoga Sin Fronteras