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Argentinian roots and citizen from the world from hear, so far she has dedicated herself to researching new things. She trained as a Physical Education teacher, Reiki Therapist and Yoga Teacher. Challenges lover, restless by nature, yoga came into her life as a tool of personal discovery and as a balm for her soul in a situation of total chaos. Always believing that she did that for and to herself, which was not entirely true.
She understood that if our body generated certain emotions, symptoms or ailments it could heal itself, which marked a before and after in her life.

Yoga for me is more than an asana, more than a moment of the day on my mat, more than a class in a room, much more. It is a philosophy of life, it is the path of an endless path throughout life that is built with and for the other through a very deep personal work.
These are some of the reasons why she choose to collaborate with Yoga without borders, an inclusive yoga, a yoga that shows everything we have to share and grow, a yoga that knows no race, religion, does not discriminate, does not impose.
“I like to think that I’m not the once who teaches as such, I simply share, and in that sharing there is a symbiosis of constant growth.

Sol YSF Volunteer