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Online Children’s Yoga Teacher Training

Bring the practice of yoga to children and teenagers


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Bringing children and adolescents closer to yoga is becoming increasingly popular in centers and schools worldwide.

Teach the little ones to find their balance.

In this online yoga training, you will learn that yoga is a great way to help them relax, be aware of their body, balance their energy, and at the same time increase their learning ability, attention, perception, and memory.

100% ONLINE AND FLEXIBLE, you can organize in your own time throughout the training
ACCESS AVAILABLE FOR 6 MONTHS so that you can finish at your own pace, with all the contents available
The Training is a REGISTERED YOGA ALLIANCE course which offers 50 hours of CONTINUING EDUCATION


Types of learning
Structure for different ages
Benefits of yoga for children


Benefits of each type
Sun Salutation
Children’s Asanas
How to avoid injury


Chakras and mudras

Other Resources

Expressive Therapies

Adapting Classes

Yamas and Niyamas
Yoga in the classroom
Family Yoga


Thanks to this online yoga training, you will discover that the little ones can channel their energy in a fun and playful way while practicing asanas, singing mantras, and learning different breathing and relaxation techniques. You will understand how important it is to accompany children’s emotions and learn techniques and therapies to help them manage.

In Yoga Without Borders, we make sure diversity is reflected in our practice, and that is why the illustrations in our study guide are children from different races and backgrounds. In our online yoga training, you will learn to adapt your classes according to the needs of your students, design a class according to their age, and greeting to the sun. Teachers and volunteers of YSF have experience with different entities and associations fighting for the inclusion of children, and we want to reflect this in our training.

With the format being online, our training can be taken anywhere. Which you can set your own pace and schedule.

This course is aimed at yoga teachers, parents, educators, and those who want to go into children’s yoga and understand that it is a great instrument to educate children about self-awareness.

Fundadora de Yoga Sin Fronteras

Meritxell Martorell

Founder of Yoga Without Borders
Course organization, pranayama and meditation for children

Profesora de Yoga Sin Fronteras

Jessica García

Yoga Asanas for Kids

Profesora de Yoga Sin Fronteras

Eva Marini

Yoga for children with functional diversity

Profesora de Yoga Sin Fronteras

Lucía Hernández

Yoga through art and expressive therapies

Profesora de Yoga Sin Fronteras

Gala Montseny

Family Yoga

Profesora de Yoga Sin Fronteras

Magalí Roca

Emotional management in childhood

Profesora de Yoga Sin Fronteras

Gemma Bitriu

Yoga in the classroom

Discover our Yoga cards for children

The training study guide has been specially illustrated with images of children practicing yoga that show the diversity

Get some beautiful yoga cards with inclusive illustrations for your classes.


Yoga for Children

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Training with Yoga Without Borders grows your knowledge and helps our social project so it can continue to do so.

With your contribution, we can maintain the organization that allows hundreds of people to benefit every day from regular yoga practice which is appropriate to their needs. In addition, it will enable us to spread the message to make the idea of yoga practice accessible to everyone further every day.

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Formación de Yoga para Niños


Realiza el pago mediante transferencia bancaria al número de cuenta ES22 0081 0013 6300 0184 9386.

IMPORTANTE: Indica en el concepto de la transferencia el motivo del pago y tu nombre. 

No olvides enviarnos tu comprobante de pago a info@yogasinfronteras.org

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Nuevas cartas de Yoga para niñxs

Pensando en los pequeños y en cómo lograr clases eficientes, hemos diseñado, junto a un ilustrador, las nuevas cartas de yoga que ayudarán a los profesores a que los niños sigan las clases. Además están pensadas bajo la esencia de la inclusión. En Yoga sin fronteras somos fieles creyentes de que todos y todas podemos hacer Yoga y por esto verás que las cartas ilustran niños muy diversos:

    • Con problemas de visión
    • Con movilidad reducida
    • De diferentes etnias
    • Con distintas estructuras corporales

Llévate a casa estas cartas para poderlas utilizar en tus clases o enseñarle a tu hijo diferentes posturas de Yoga.

El precio de las cartas es de 22€, y adquiriéndolas estarás colaborando con una ONG que tiene como fin seguir promoviendo el Yoga en cada rincón del mundo.

¡No esperes más y escribe a info@yogasinfronteras.org pidiéndonos las tuyas!

Yoga for kids training


Pay for the training or reserve your place* by bank transfer to the account number ES10 1465 0120 3717 3084 0493 or by BIZUM to (+34) 672 97 58 04.

Pay for the training or reserve your place* by bank transfer to the account number ES97 0239 0806 7900 4837 3229 or by BIZUM to (+34) 635 69 15 94.

Don’t forget to send us your proof of payment to info@yogasinfronteras.org

(*) Please go back to the previous page to see booking conditions

New Yoga cards for children

Thinking about the kids and how to create efficient classes for them, we have designed, together with an illustrator, new yoga cards that will help kids follow the classes. They are also thought of under the essence of inclusion. In Yoga Without Borders we are faithful believers and believe that Yoga is for everyone and that’s why the illustrations show diversity in children:

    • With vision impairment
    • With reduced mobility
    • From different ethnicities
    • With different body types.

Get these cards so you can use them in your classes or teach your children different Yoga postures.

The price of the cards is €22, and by purchasing them you will be collaborating with an NGO that aims to continue promoting Yoga in every corner of the world.

Don’t wait any longer and write to info@yogasinfronteras.org to get yours!