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Corporate yoga

We offer yoga classes for corporations and social workers

We know that working in social industry can be difficult. Therefore, we take care of those who care and offer yoga classes for conscious workers and companies. We want the team to generate healthy habits, connect with the yoga practice and perseverance. We work with anxiety, stress, and with therapeutic yoga focused on postural correction.

Conscious companies with which we have worked: 

First of all, get in touch with us


If you work in a social center or have a company and want your workers to benefit from our yoga and meditation classes, please contact us.

We look for the best teacher adapted to your needs


We are a group of certified yoag teachers with different specialties. We adapt to the needs of different centers and groups with which we work. We find the best teacher.

We will design a schedule together


According to your needs and availability, we will design a schedule together. We recommend that the classes have a weekly regularity, so you can feel the beneficial impact of this practice on the general well-being.

You will be collaborating with an NGO


By choosing one of our teachers and betting on our classes, you are helping us to continue with our mission to bring yoga to the most vulnerable groups. 20% of the benefits will go to to the NGO.