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Devi Yoga Retreat is a retreat about our bodies and the place we occupy in society.
It is about our identity, gathering with us, listening to us and getting to know each other.
This is a retreat for you, from any age and stage, as a practitioner of yoga or a non-practitioner.
This is your place.

The Sanskrit word «devi» means “Goddess”. All the Goddesses are considered different aspects of a single Devi, which is the feminine energy of the one creator. Because all of us, with our bodies, differences, and our cycles are authentic and beautiful. We talk about our cycles because we are changing and different at each stage. We are cyclical , and in this retreat, we’re going to talk about it.

The goal of Yoga Devi Retreat is to offer valuable tools for women who are curious about understanding a little more about our bodies, hormones, cycles and feminine nature.

The day that a woman loves with her strength and not her weakness escapes not from herself but to find herself, not to humble herself but to affirm herself, that love will be her source of life.

Simone de Beauvoir

The Can Benet Vives campus is the estate’s name, which is more than eight hectares located in the heart of Montnegre Natural Park, province of Barcelona. The central building is an old and large and grand 19th-century farmhouse, and the rest of the campus houses the facilities and rooms for lodging and activities of our retreat, where we will celebrate the life and adventure of being a woman.

How to get there?
Vecindario de Hortsavinyà, 7,
08490 Tordera, Barcelona


Meritxell Martorell

Founder of Yoga without Borders
Yoga Teacher - Pranayama and Meditation

Meritxell, equipo de Devi Yoga Retreat

Laia Vallet

Doula, accompanying women in their vital moments and Co-founder of cíclicas.app

Laia, equipo de Devi Yoga Retreat

Jessica García

Hatha Yoga Teacher and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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Devi Yoga Retreat


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