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Who we are

We are Yoga Sin Fronteras

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Yoga Sin Fronteras is a non-profit organization. Our goal is to make yoga a practice accessible to everyone, especially vulnerable groups at risk of social exclusion. The benefits of yoga are proven and we will share them with those who need it most. Combining physical and mental exercises we help reduce stress, generating serenity and relaxation of the body. This applies to any body because yoga doesn’t discriminate in terms of age, sex or social class. We believe that the most important elements of yoga are the union between your mind and your body, the union between you and other beings, and the union between you and the universe. The word ´yoga´comes from the Sanskrit word ´yuj´which means ´to unify´. Yoga means union.

Our story

Yoga Sin Fronteras was established in Tanzania when Meritxell, the founder of the project, decided to teach a yoga class to the children of an orphanage where she was working. The children loved the class and the next day they asked for one more. Since then, whenever she can, Meritxell has given free yoga classes to vulnerable groups of people of all ages. She has done so in battered women’s centres, refugee camps in Palestine and Lesvos, and she has worked with the elderly and people with addictions. For now, the seeds of this project have been sown and have already managed to improve the lives of some people in the short-term. Now, these seeds are ready to flourish and we would like yoga to have a longer-term effect on the lives that need it most around the world. We firmly believe that by paying attention to them and breathing together, we can change their lives. Can you help us?

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This is our code of ethics

Ethical Code Yoga Without Borders

  • Our mission: Share the practice of yoga with the most vulnerable groups and/or at risk of social exclusion. We believe that the effects of yoga are beneficial for everyone and, therefore, we want to share them with those who need it most.
  • Vision: We aspire to see a world without social injustice and without differences, where the human rights of all people are respected, regardless of race, gender, religion, social status and abilities.
  • Unity: Yoga means union. We are committed to gathering efforts and promoting work in
    team as well as collaboration with other organizations.
  • Good intentions: Motivated with our goal, we work with hope, enthusiasm, passion and good intentions. We want to share with everybody the good vibes generated with the practice of yoga with everyone.
  • Commitment: Our work is based on doing what we believe and say, being faithful to the fulfillment of our intentions. Therefore, we work with constancy. We always ask that volunteers commit to the cause for a minimum of 3 months in local volunteering and three weeks in international volunteering.)
  • Volunteers: Yoga teachers will always volunteer and teach altruistically. They may only be paid when they carry out their work in private centers and / or companies in their city.
    Teachers should not use the humanitarian activities of Yoga Without Borders to promote their professional career and should always respect the laws, norms and cultural customs of the countries visited and / or the center with which they collaborate. They will never impose their political point of view, nor attempt to educate students. Respect will always be the thread of the classes.
  • Yoga classes: Yoga classes will always be adapted to the collaborating center needs and / or the collective with which we work. They will be of a simple style and always focused on the physical and mental part, without delving into more advanced spiritual or Hindu practices.
  • Sponsorships: With the aim of obtaining financial support, Yoga Without Borders remains attentive to the ethical values and respect for the human rights of its sponsors and partners.