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Learn how we manage our accounts

Our resources

To sustain our social project, we aim to be self-sufficient and be able to generate our own economic resources. We have positioned ourselves as a reference school and many people enjoy our yoga and meditation offers:


Yoga and pregnancy, yoga for inclusion, yoga for children and other specialized courses.


Corporate programs to bring the practice of yoga and meditation to the office.


Multi-day experiences from unique places to share, learn and enjoy

Other income sources

The external financial support, allows us to strengthen our own resources, becoming a very valuable aid to be able to launch new projects and shape the proposals that arise in the partnership:


A way to support the project we appreciate with different exclusive advantages.


Special donation classes that raise funds for our social cause.


Thanks to their collaboration, we can offer solidarity products in our online store.


Public and private financial support programs are at the aid of our special action.

How do we invest the resources we have?

We invest our economic resources in the maintenance and growth of the association. In 2021, Yoga Without Borders managed to be a self-sustaining project thanks to the help of all the people involved in it. Throughout the year, the income we obtain is distributed in different items:

Click here to download a pdf of our accounts report.

Thanks ti the investment we make to be able to carry out our daily work, we make it possible for the most vulnerable people to obtain the benefits that regular yoga practice brings to the physical and mental health.